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Village tours, 2nd visit & Charities

Hi Everyone, I hope you are all well.

I have been back in the UK for five weeks now and while I have been away from the Emerald Isle my friend Kostas has taken tourists out on the Corfu villages Blog tours in my absence. He has bought a new people carrier so that we can now take up to 5 passengers now on our tours of the villages. Our tours so far have taken us from Ipsos up to the hillside villages of Spartilas and Strinilas then west to Sokraki and down the mountain side to Doukades and Ano Korakiana. All villages have their own history and are unique in their own way. Two of the tours also included a visit to the mighty Mount Pantokrator, the tallest mountain on Corfu standing at a height of 906 metres. Would you like to come on a Corfu villages Blog tour?

My second visit to Corfu is on 16th July so not long now but unfortunately just for a quick week. I hadn't planned this trip originally but now I am semi retired I have time and my next holiday being booked for September just seemed too long a gap. It means I can do a few tours and get an unfinished job done at the Children's home in Corfu town.

When I came out in April I talked with the Children's home about putting dividing screens in the shower room. By the end of my holiday at the end of May I had still not been able to find anyone to make me any screens. It wasn't until I got back to the UK that I had a thought. Someone told me that there is a DIY store on the Lefkimmi road that sells shower screens and if I go and buy them I could fit them myself. So, if I can borrow a drill and a extension lead I will. If someone wants to do the job then contact me.

That's all for now but don't forget you can still buy the Corfu villages eBooks from the Amazon book store where every penny will go to the Corfu charities this summer.


Steve. x 😎

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