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Corfu villages video series, All Charities Day & Village tours.

Hi Everyone and a belated Happy New Year to you all. Only fourteen weeks until my return to Corfu where this year I will not only be continuing with the Corfu village private tours but will also be involved in a series of village videos and a possible future Charity day in Corfu town.

I will be visiting 10 villages from the North, Central and South of the Island with the filming crew from Studio Kerkyra with Thomas Haas and Adrian Marvell. This will take around five days to film and will be shown on the Friday night live broadcast on Facebook and YouTube throughout June and July. I will be talking about the history of the villages with Adrian and we will have a special guest to tell us a little bit more about the village where they live.

Together with the help of Studio Kerkyra in September I propose to launch an All Nations Charity day on the Spianada in Corfu town. I have drawn up a draft and will submit it to the Mayor for consideration. The day would include stalls for all the different Corfu charities, live entertainment and people from all the different nationalities of Corfu would be invited to attend. I believe it would be a great way to bring everyone together once a year and a good opportunity for the Corfu charities to not only to raise awareness of their causes but a chance for them to raise much needed funds. This is a huge challenge due to size of the event but if the council agree I know it would be a success. I will keep you updated and also keep my fingers crossed as I know I will negotiate my way through all the red tape.

My first visit in May will be busy but there will be a limited amount of days to take tourists out on the Corfu village tours. If you would like to book a tour then please get in touch sooner rather than later as these days will sell out and I won't be back on the Island until September where I will have more free tour days.

Lastly, don't forget you can still buy the "Corfu villages eBooks" from the Amazon book store where every penny will go to the Corfu charities this summer.

Steve. x





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