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Hi Everyone, Here is the latest Corfu Blog which covers my five week visit to our favourite Island. I arrived on 26th April for the Greek Easter in Pelekas and on Saturday night they used the purple lights as a mourning to the death of Jesus. As the clock struck 12.00 midnight a chorus rang out from several hundred villages of "Christos Anesti" "Christ has Risen" then fireworks and festivities began throughout the night. A few days later I took a friend with me on my first "Village Blog Tour" with another friend as our driver. We picked her up in Viros and drove west to the village of Lakones above Paleokastritsa. We walked around the village and I told her the history of the village and we both took some great photographs of the old houses and churches before sitting down for a coffee with views over Paleokastritsa below. Refreshed we headed for Doukades where I told her many stories about the area on the way. We then dropped her off in Corfu town as she wanted to go shopping but talked about the villages we past along the way. It was my first village blog tour and it had gone extremely well. The following week a Greek friend of mine, Kostas and I had arranged to drive to the waterfalls at Nymfes weather permitting. We had rain the day before so we knew the waterfall would be there and this trip would be trial Village Tour Blog for Kostas as when I would return home at the end of May he would take over with the tours in June until my next visit in July. Then again in August until my visit in September. I have known Kostas for many years and trust him emphatically. He has an infectious smile and has worked in the travel industry for many years. He has showed a great interest in what I do to promote Corfu and wants to share in what I am trying to achieve not only with the Corfu village blog tours but also with the Corfu charities. The waterfall was truly magnificent and we talked about the history of all of the villages we passed along the way. My wife Ann arrived for a ten day holiday and we got around on the scooter, met some lovely people and had some special days together. The following Friday night I was interviewed live on "Studio Kerkyra" with director Thomas Haas and the hilarious presenter Adrian. In the daytime I showed them around Pelekas and in the interview we talked about the Corfu village books for the Corfu charities and about the history of the village. On Saturday we had been bought a one night stay at the famous Cavlieri hotel in Corfu town by some very special friends for my birthday last October. They somehow managed to book us the best room on the fifth floor on the east corner. The views of the Old Fort opposite were stunning with Faliraki to the right and the Palace to the left. Magic. Ann left on the Tuesday and a few days later I had our second village blog tour arranged with two ladies who were on holiday in Ipsos. Kostas and I picked them up at 10.00 am sharp and we took the road north and went up the winding road to Spartilas. Then up the mountain further to Strinilas for coffee, around and down to Sokraki then the twenty three hairpin bend decent to Ano Korakiana. They said it was the best tour they had done on the Island and told the hotel when they were dropped off. An hour later we had another booking for the following day! This time we took a lovely couple up North but changed the itinerary a little. It was the ladies birthday and when we dropped them off she said it was one of the best birthdays she had ever had! Kostas and I agreed, the tours had gone very well. A trip to Corfu would not be complete without a visit to the Children's home in Corfu town and a Greek friend and I drove over to see what I do for them this visit. They have twenty four children at the moment which is full capacity. One of the tumble dryers had broken down and they were struggling to dry the clothes. So we went immediately to the electrical shop and bought them a new one. We also talked about renovation of the shower rooms and introducing dividing panels for individual privacy. Well, I could tell you lots more but I think I will save some stories for next months blog. If you would like to book a private village tour then pm me on my Facebook page Steve Ford or "The Corfu Village Blogger" or on the website. www.corfuvillages.co.uk

Bless you, Steve. x

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