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Updated: Dec 17, 2019

Hi All, In this Blog I will tell you about my last visit to Corfu for 2019. A three week holiday began on Wednesday 4th September with a late flight from Manchester to Corfu arriving at 10.30pm local time. Kostas my friend and driver for the Corfu village tours picked me up and we headed to Pelekas for a few beers and a catch up with the locals.

The next day I started the scooter and went shopping and filled the fridge with food with enough to last me until my wife Ann joined me some ten days later. A quick clean of the apartment and up to my adopted office at the Hawaii pool bar for a swim. Later I had my first gyros pitta since July and it tasted so good! Then a bar crawl through the village bars to catch up with all the owners as a matter of village diplomacy you understand.

A travel agent friend on Facebook had asked me if I could take some photos of the restaurant areas at the Levant hotel on Kaisers throne as she had a customer who wanted to get married there. So as the sun went down I went up the hill and I already knew that there was a Christening going on so the restaurant would be dressed for the occasion so to speak and I was amazed at the amount of detail for this event. White tables and chairs for one hundred and sixty guests! Pink napkins and ribbon adorned the table tops with baskets filled with pink and white roses and bunches of pink balloons floating in the air above. It was some sight and totally over the top but also magnificent in it's own way.

On Saturday morning I had my first village tour which took us from a pick up in Ipsos Northwest and the villages of Pagi, Prinilas and Doukades. After a couple of hours rest I went South to Kinopiastes to another Christening but this time one that I had been invited to by the Psarras family. This was a lot smaller than the one in Pelekas with a gathering of around thirty people and definitely more subtle!

A days rest and then my second village tour and another Ipsos pick up. These ladies had been on a tour with us in May and we had taken them to Spartilas, Strinilas and Sokraki so this time we went to Kostas's village of Kompitsi and the beautiful Venetian well, Pelekas and the Kaiser's throne and then a drive through Kastelani and Kouramades.

The next two days were free and were spent on Kontogialos (Pelekas) beach and pool bar as I had some family arrive who were staying in the village.

Thursday 12th and our third village tour. This time we drove up to Arillas to pick up two couples who wanted to explore the northwest area. First we went to the very furthest point on Corfu at Cape Drastis, then to Peroulades and the beautiful village of Avliotes for coffee and up to the Akrotiri viewpoint where you can see Arillas below on one side and Agios Georgious on the other side.

On Friday my wife arrived and I decided to be a tourist for the following ten days together although I still had a couple of things to do I could relax now and slow down!

The next day I had a call from the guys from Studio Kerkyra asking me if I could join them on the Liston for the cricket game between Atlas Corfu and Emperor's of London. I was to do the live commentary with Adrian. Well we had a great laugh and whilst Adrian waxed lyrical about the history of Corfu I commented on the cricket. Agars and Tufnell would have been proud! We had 2,000 live views fro all over the World!

A few days off and to the last village tour of the year. A pick up in Vatos, Corfu town and Ipsos we visited the tried and trusted three S's of the North. Spartilas, Strinilas and Sokraki.

Well that's it for this year folks, don't forget you can still buy the Corfu villages eBooks for the Corfu charities from the Amazon bookstore. Unlike holidays for us the charities need funding all year long so please take a look and if you want to book a village tour for 2020 then pm me on Facebook, email or text me on 07952 989 962.

Have a great winter! Steve. xxx



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