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Corfu Blog: Should I Stay or should I go?

Hi Everyone, I hope you are all well and and that the majority of you have had at least one vaccination. As Corfu opens its borders up for tourists we in the UK find ourselves in somewhat of a predicament. I have a flight booked from Birmingham to Corfu on 12th June which was carried forward from an April date which was cancelled due to a lockdown. The question is "Should I stay or should I go?"

As Greece comes under the UK governments "Amber" category if I go to Corfu I will have to prove that I have been vaccinated within 14 days of the flight date. Luckily I have my second jab on Saturday 29th which is just within the time limit. On my return I will have to have a PCR test 72 hours before the flight from Corfu and when I am back in the UK I have to have a PCR test after two days and eight days whilst self isolating for ten days. Phew!

The UK government don't want us to travel abroad to countries on the "Amber" or "Red" list.

The Foreign office says they don't want us to travel to Greece but it is safe to visit a number of Greek Islands of which Corfu is one.

The tour companies along with Easyjet and Ryanair do want us to travel to Greece and are flying there in June.

The Greeks want us to travel to Corfu and have made it as simple as possible in a bid to kick start the tourist trade so badly needed to get some money back in the economy.

As a property owner I have permission to visit Corfu under a special rule which states that I am on the Island to get my apartment clean and ready to rent out during the summer season.

So, "Should I stay or should I go?" Mmmmm.....I think I will go!

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