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Hi Everyone, I hope you are all well and looking forward to your first visit this year, I know I am. With only three weeks to go before my first visit I have checked in online for my flight and will dust off a suitcase and make a list of the things I will need for my next Corfu adventure for seven months.

I arrive on the Island on Good Friday and have decided to spend the Greek Easter in my village of Pelekas. I have experienced Easter in Corfu town, Lefkimmi and Pelekas over the years and I think the village one is my favourite. Pelekas will have around one thousand people on Easter Saturday for the ceremonies and will have live music as long as the weather permits. The Papas will lead the processions from the main church up through the village to the second church and up to a third church at the Kaisers throne viewpoint. The chosen few will follow the Papas holding aloft the icons with us, the villagers walking behind with our candles lighting up the alleyways. It's a magical time of year and the most important event in the Greek Orthodox calendar. The bars and tavernas will packed with locals, returning family members who live away and us, the guests of the village who have been fortunate enough own a property there. There will be people from the Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, South Africa and England which makes for a great atmosphere.

I still have money in the Corfu charities fund from the sale of the Corfu villages books so I will be visiting the Children's home in Corfu town to see what they need this summer. I will also have a meeting with the Pelekas Papa Labis to see if I can help the poorer families of the greater Parelion area.

You can help the people and animals on Corfu by buying the Corfu villages eBooks at the Amazon book store. Every penny goes to the less fortunate families and animals on our favourite Island. You can buy the books here... https://kdp.amazon.com/en_US/bookshelf?language=en_US

Here is the new website... www.corfuvillages.co.uk Kind regards, Steve. ;-) x

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