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Hi Everyone, I hope you are all well.

Today Corfu has seen the first flights of the season to land on the Emerald green Island we all love. Let's hope it will be a record breaking year for tourism and the many businesses who rely on the Spring and Summer months to earn a living.

The Greek Easter (Paska) Sunday falls on the 24th April this year and I will arrive on Good Friday 22nd to join in with the local mourning and celebrations over this very important religious time. I arrive in the early afternoon and after dropping my bag at the apartment I will start my scooter and head up to Pelekas village. After visiting a few friends and catching a bite to eat I will head back home to freshen up and then ride to Corfu town. I will park by the famous "Liston" and take a seat opposite the tavernas for a Corfu beer and a meze. On Good Friday the lantern lights outside the tavernas have been turned from white to purple to mourn the passing of Jesus Christ and although I have seen photographs of this I have never been there on this night so I am looking forward to taking some photographs of my own. After a couple of hours I will get back to Pelekas and take a seat in the village square (plateia) with the many local families who will gather together for this day.

Saturday morning is the day of the "Pot throwing" from the balconies in Corfu town but there will be thousands of people there which is too busy for me. So, After throwing my own pot at home I will search for a village nearby that will have a small affair. The villages have started to throw pots more and more over the years so I may be lucky?

Saturday night will be busy again in the village and as the expectation grows, just after 12.00 A huge explosion of fireworks are fired into the air to herald the resurrection of Jesus and the village goes into party mode.

Sunday is the biggest celebration with families joining together for a feast of roasted lamb cooked on a spit (Arni sti souvla) and local wine (Krassi) I am spending the day with my friends Greek family in Kompitsi village and later in Pelekas with another local family. I must say, this day is my favourite day of the year on Corfu. Truly special.

Monday is a bank holiday and I will go to Corfu town. I love the quietness this day brings after the over eating and drinking. It's also a great time to meet up on the Liston with friends from Facebook and just chill out with a couple of slow beers. If anyone wants to come and have a beer with us you are very welcome. We will be opposite the taverna Agli which is at the top end of the Liston near to the museum of fine art.

After the crazy weekend I will need to relax for my remaining few days so, hopefully I will play the Corfu golf course with a Greek friend of mine and if the weather is good maybe take the scooter on the ferry to the mainland for a couple of days.

The Ryanair flights I bought after Christmas have been reduced from £110 return to £33! Check out their website now, you won't be disappointed with a visit to Corfu at Easter time.

I hope to visit the Corfu Children's home when I am there to see if I can help in any way. It is always a pleasure to put something back into the community and I still have funds coming in from the sale of the "Corfu villages" books.

Bye for now!

Regards, Steve.

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