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Corfu Blog: Covid, Chlomos & Church Bar.

Hi All, I hope you are all well and Covid free! Well, I finally managed to get to Corfu flying out from Birmingham on 5th September for a three week holiday. The airport was so quiet at 6.00 in the morning. Everyone who was there were wearing masks and social distancing. On the plane I had a window seat and there was a spare seat between me and a lady on the isle seat. Corfu airport were geared up and passport control was a breeze. My friend and driver for the Corfu villages tours Kostas was there to pick me up and after dropping my bag at the apartment we headed to Pelekas village for a bite to eat and a beer. It was great to be back after a long year and two cancelled holidays. The locals gave me a heart warming reception and after a couple of hours walking around the village and catching up it dawned on me how quiet it was. The business owners said the the end of July and August were busy so that was something. The next few days were spent starting the scooter, cleaning the apartment and visiting beaches on the west coast. Towards the end of the first week five members of my extended family arrived in the village to boost the local economy with much needed funds. After a few days they asked me if Kostas and I would take them on a Corfu village tour. Well, the tours haven't been possible this year so we said yes! Masks and hand gel were mandatory.

We had a family meeting by the pool the next day and decided to take south of the Island to Chlomos village, then to Petriti harbour and village and on to Notos for a long lunch. I had been to Chlomos before when writing the Corfu villages book for charity but this time it was nice to meander around at a slow pace and walk the hidden paths. We visited the amazing Art shop there and of course the ladies in the group bought some of the exquisite hand made goods for sale inside. We had a drink in the main square and met Keti the owner. She bought us the drinks over and later gave us a fruit meze on the house which was unexpected in these difficult times. Bless her. Next stop was the beautiful harbour at Petriti. I love this part of the Island. In the early morning this is the place where the fishing boats arrive with their catch to supply the Island with the best fresh fish. Lunch was calling so we took the short coast road to Notos for lunch. The small beach here has a gently shelving walk into the calm waters with the odd bobbing fishing boat here and there. The taverna above is a wonder to behold. It has banana trees, bougainvillea, flowers. The steps are painted with different artistic patterns. They have concrete lidos with sunbeds on between the rocks. We ordered Calamari, King shrimps, Sardines, Sea bass, Greek salad and chips. Nostimo!

Because of the safety rules we didn't drink our beers inside the bars in Pelekas, we could have a table inside but the weather was good so we preferred to drink outside. On my first night at precisely 12.00 midnight our favourite bar closed as there are big fines for ones that stay open after time. This was so unusual for me as I have never left a bar on Corfu this early! At 11.45 pm we were asked if we would like a last drink before the bar closed which we can then take over the road and sit outside the church opposite. This was a bit strange at first but we got used to it and we named it the "Church Bar" When my wife Ann arrived in the second week we visited old friends and new beaches. In the third week we could feel the temperature was dropping especially at night on the scooter but we had jumpers and a coat so no problem there. Our best friends from England surprised us in the third week by flying in for a weekend break. So we made sure we visited plenty of different beaches and tavernas for four days to make the best of their visit. We also played a round of golf at the only golf course on the Island finishing on the 19th tee...The bar for a well earned large beer!

It was a great holiday and last week I bit the bullet and booked a two week return to Corfu for April 2021. Who knows what will happen next year but fingers crossed it will go ahead?

Don't forget you can buy the Corfu villages eBooks in a PDF format delivered to your laptop by emailing me on corfuvillages.co.uk Payments to the Corfu Charities Paypal account are at corfuvillageseu@gmail.com Also, donations are very welcome! Every penny and euro that is raised by the eBooks goes directly to the many Corfu charities on the Island. Thank you for your ongoing support to make the lives of the less fortunate people, children and animals on our favourite Island more bearable in these difficult times.

Bless you all and stay safe!

Steve. xx

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