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Updated: Aug 29, 2020

Hi Everyone, I hope you are all well and virus free. By now I imagine that many of you have had your holidays cancelled and you are not the only one. After my first holiday at the end of March to Corfu was cancelled my second one for three weeks in May also fell to the same fate. A boys weekend trip to Budapest in mid June for the European football championships was also cancelled meaning that I have now missed three of my four trips abroad so far this year.

This week saw the first tourists of the season fly in to Corfu airport from Europe but sadly none are due from the UK yet. July 15th is the first flight forecast date but any spike in the virus may be just prompt the Greek government to extend the ban for UK visitors. Luckily I still have one more trip to Corfu this year booked for three weeks in September. I am hoping this one will go ahead or it will be the first time I have not been to Corfu for over thirty years!

As some of you may know I have a place in Pelekas on the west coast and this week I had a message from my Greek next door neighbour who looks after the nine apartment building. Last year I did him a favour by letting his brother from Athens stay at our place for a few nights free of charge. He said that this year he would paint our apartment for free as a gesture of goodwill and messaged me to say he would do it next week. Bargain! On the downside he told me that the hotel that he manages in the resort of Agios Gordios will not open for tourists this year.

I have been keeping up to date with events in Pelekas village as I have regular messages from the locals. The first German holiday makers have arrived and a few of the taverna's and bars were ready to welcome them. The nearby beaches of Agios Gordios, Kontogialos and Glyfada have been quiet in the week but busy with locals on the weekend. A rare opportunity for the villagers to enjoy the beach life for a change before the summer season begins and something that many of them haven't done since they were at school. It has also given them a chance to catch up with their friends who are normally working. Maybe old friendships have been reformed which can only be a good thing?

Some of the hotels I have been told will not be opening this summer as the cost involved is simply not viable. That is bad news for many of the local people as they rely on the money they earn in the Summer to survive in the Winter. The taverna and bar owners I know are desperate for the tourists to arrive including the big spending Brits but the villagers themselves are very apprehensive with good cause.

The next Blog will be in two months time when I should know if I will be heading to my favourite Island and second home. I hope for those of you that have booked your holidays in Corfu this year will finally get there and for those of you that can't make it that you will be able to go next year.

The "Corfu village private tours" will go ahead for September as planned and I am taking bookings now! Simply text or email me on the details below.

Don't forget that you can still buy the Corfu village eBooks from the Amazon book store. Just type in Corfu villages by Steve Ford and you can buy Corfu Central, Corfu North and Corfu South. Each one contains the history of the villages of Corfu and all of the money goes to the Corfu charities.

God bless and stay safe. Steve.

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