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Updated: Jul 5, 2020

Hi Everyone, I hope you are all well and virus free! Who would have predicted the current situation we would all find ourselves in.

As predicted my first visit to Kerkyra on 29th March was cancelled and no doubt I will be waiting sometime for my refund from the airline. I am lucky enough to have my own apartment which is one of nine and is situated in an olive grove on a hillside just below the village of Pelekas so I didn't have to cancel my accommodation or transfers unlike many of you who have planned to take your first summer holiday of the year on our favourite Island.

My second visit is planned for 13th May but to be honest I think this trip will also be cancelled. That will leave my last holiday of 2020 in September in the lap of the Gods. Let's hope all of us will get away at some point and bring some normality back into our lives.

As we all know the Corona virus is having a huge impact on our lives and in some way I was glad that my flight for March was cancelled. I had already been self isolating for two weeks as I was afraid of taking the virus with me and infecting the village when I got there. As you know Corfu is on lock down too and as I write there has been only one case of the virus so far which is a miracle. Here is a new helpline number for support and information about the virus and will be manned by doctors and psychologists as well as assistance with food and medicine for members of vulnerable groups. Helpline : 26610 25555.

My wife Ann is working from home now so we have an office for her in the lounge and my showroom in the dining room. I have kept myself busy and a typical day would start with me making the breakfast followed by me checking in on my Facebook groups. After a shave and a shower I will make a start on the daily housekeeping duties. Today I washed and dried two lots of washing and vacuumed the rooms downstairs then it was time for lunch. In the afternoon I did some gardening and afterwards took a well earned rest with a nice cup of coffee. A quick sketch of a Corfu village on my watercolour pad for my next painting (when I get time!) and then out for an hours walk in the park opposite my house armed with a golf ball and a 9 iron for some practice. When I got back I cooked a roast chicken dinner with sage and onion stuffing, roast potatoes, sprouts, carrots and Bisto gravy. Mmmm. So no change for me then?

As for the Corfu village tours I will wait and see if my flights are cancelled and then get in touch with those of you who have booked to come on tours with me this year.

The Corfu charities will still need help this year and you can still buy the Corfu village eBooks from the Amazon book store. I will do all I can to help the Children's homes and the less fortunate people on Corfu from the UK and I am currently working on some ideas at the moment but it won't be easy. All other future plans have unfortunately been put on hold at present but will resume as soon as possible.

Stay at home and keep safe!

Love Steve. xx

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