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Corfu Blog: 1st Holiday, PDF eBooks, & Charities.

Hi Everyone, I hope you are all well.

Only one week to go before my first visit to Corfu since September 2019. It will be the first time for thirty one years I have only visited Corfu once in a year so I have a lot of catching up to do. I have a morning flight booked with Ryanair from Birmingham so it will be nice to arrive on Corfu in the early afternoon for a change as I normally fly with Easyjet from Manchester which arrives at 10.30 pm Greek time. My apartment in Pelekas has been freshly painted white, a change from the Corfu light yellow colour it has always been since we bought the property in 2007. My scooter has been in storage for almost a year so it will be a miracle if it starts. If not I will roll it down the hill to my Greek neighbours house and ask Christos for help. I can then go shopping for some essentials such as bread, butter, milk, coffee, eggs, juice and of course some Greek wine and beers! Then I will pop up to the village for catch up with the locals and see how they are coping with the current situation.

I will be on Corfu for three weeks and I have a few things that I want to do which I will tell you all about when I get back in the September Blog. I will visit "off the beaten track" beaches, taverna's and villages which I have never been before as well as favourite old haunts that I have found in the past. Last year I played golf at the Corfu golf club at Ermones on the west coast. It was the first time in years that I had played and when I got home I decided to take it up and play once a week. Since March I have been to the practice range and played a round once a week and watched lots of videos on YouTube to improve my score. As an ex amateur footballer it's all a bit strange for me but I have improved a lot lately and I am really enjoying it. So, I think I might surprise my friend Nikos when we play next week!

Since I launched the new Corfu villages website the Corfu village eBooks are not available to buy on website, only on the Amazon book store. If I add this "to buy" option it will cost extra and I have always wanted to raise every pound or euro for the Corfu Charities with as little cost as possible to maximise the amount of revenue I can donate to them. Recently I have released the PDF versions of the eBooks myself which include more history of the villages and more unseen photographs and are available to buy online and zero costs. Simply pay on the corfuvillageseu@gmail.com PayPal account and state what eBooks you would like and I will send them to your email address. That way you will have them at your fingertips on your laptop or your mobile phone to use when you are at home or exploring whilst you are on Corfu!

One of my first points of call when I arrive on Corfu is a charity which I have always supported as this is a state owned house for children aged four to sixteen. As a state owed home the house for around sixteen children only get the very basic necessities and therefore are in great need for support through the money I raise by sell the Corfu villages eBooks. These children have been removed from their families for various reasons and are well looked after by the caring staff but need the extra funding to help the children live a normal life and have access to the things that the average family have on the Island.

I know many of you have bought the books and made donations over the last few years and I really appreciate your support. For those of you who haven't bought the books so far please do so as your donation will make a huge difference to the lives of the children, old people and the animals of Corfu.

Bless you all and hope to see you soon!

Love and thanks, Steve. xx

For more information you can contact me here...

Paypal corfuvillageseu@gmail.com

Email corfuvillageseu@gmail.com

Website corfuvillages. co.uk

Mobile 07952 989 962

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